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No, Seriously, What's Going On?

Welcome to the homepage for FLEET, in our roles as PFF co-ordinators, war thread custodians, Boardieverse creators and IRC discussion group for when we need to keep the technobabble out of everyone else's speculation. We also fight lameness and evil in our spare time. For the Board!

What the heck are you on about?

To borrow AOANLA's definition, "The Board" refers collectively to members of the College Roomies From Hell fan community. In particular, it most often refers to such people in the context of their online selves, in the framework of the (fictional) Boardieverse universe created by Loweko.

What's that, you ask? Read the quote on the homepage - a version of CRFH that takes the fan-created characters and concepts and drops them into the canon to see what happens. Think of it as CRFH's "expanded universe" and you're not far off. Originally it started out as CRFH fanfiction, but has gained in popularity and momentum until it formed the spinoff you see here.

In real life, FLEET are a bunch of creative SF fans who decided their favourite webcomic needed some heavy fire support. In the universe itself, FLEET are a less-than-subtle armada of space and air forces dedicated to Doing Unto Evil as Evil Does Unto You, First And From Longer Range. The rest of the Board, to say nothing of the poor comic cast, find this disquieting.

Or, in Flax's words...

What's with the space station?

That's the Funky Horror, first introduced in Those Magnificent Boardies!, the fic that started all this. Named for the general-purpose expression of intrigued delight in CRFH fandom, the Funky Horror serves as headquarters and home-away-from-home for the Board in PFFs. Artwork courtesy of Maritza Campos. All your imaginary floating base are belong to us!